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Best Coffee Shops In The USA

Best Coffee Shops In The USA
By JA Young
Published March 12th, 2014

In the US coffee is big business and brands are as competitive as ever.  While the big chains like Starbucks are certainly filling their fair share of cups, the following coffee shops offer some very singular atmospheres as well as providing coffee that keeps java-lovers coming back again and again.  The following shops are well-worth standing in long lines for; if you're in town, don't miss grabbing some of the signature fresh brew.
Café Du Monde, New Orleans
Located in the French Quarter, this coffee house does boast some old world flair that complements the delicious coffee and coffee drinks served here by friendly staff.  When touring around town, be sure to include a stop here on your itinerary and be sure to order some of their famous beignets.
Caffee Trieste, San Francisco
There's good reason why this shop continually makes 'best of' lists with its literary connection to celebrated writers who used to stop by, writers like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.  Celebrity artists aside, this shop knows its business--crafting perfect cups of coffee for the famous and non-famous alike!
Peregrine Espresso, Washington DC
This coffee house in the capital is celebrated for their first-rate baristas who know how to please their customers with world-class coffee.  While the vibe inside is ideal for sipping some joe any time of day, the outdoor tables are delightful for enjoying the warm weather seasons.
Joe, New York City
If you don't know Joe, you should! This New York City staple serves some of the best cappuccinos and lattes you'll ever meet.  Joe now has a Philadelphia location and is earning more fans than ever.
Alterra Coffee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
This extraordinary coffee shop overlooks Lake Michigan from its home in an old water pumping station.  The touch of history enhances the shop but is hardly needed to persuade coffee lovers to come drink here; the coffee is raved about by the regulars and tourists alike.
Café Grumpy, Brooklyn, New York City
Come here to drown your troubles and grumbles in a delectable cup of coffee.  With menu updates that change with the seasons, there's nothing to complain about when it comes to this shop.  In fact, you're bound to smile as soon as you catch a whiff of their coffee from down the block.
These shops are celebrated with good reason.  Not only are their baristas welcoming and informative, the coffee is delicious.  If you are in town and love coffee, you won't be sorry you stopped in for a cup.