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Hillary's Straw Man Argument Against Second Amendment Backfires

Hillary's Straw Man Argument Against Second Amendment Backfires
By Kevin Campbell
Published May 19th, 2014

One of the most vocal opponents of the second amendment has always been Hillary Clinton. As recently as this past week, a straw man argument that she has been making on the subjects of gun control, increased gun regulation and reigning in the second amendment rights of citizens has backfired - miserably.
For those unfamiliar with the term, a straw man is a common type of argument that someone brings out to intentionally misrepresent the original topic of the argument. If two people are arguing and one person is losing dramatically, they may attempt to subtly change what the argument was about in the first place. The logic is that, if the person can't win the argument on his or her own merits while discussing the original topic, perhaps they would have better luck by changing the topic being talked about altogether. It's a common tactic among the anonymous people who argue about politics and pop culture on the Internet. That's exactly what Hillary Clinton has been using when discussing the pressing need for increased gun regulations, though she hasn't been having nearly the luck that people online do.
In a statement that was made in National Harbor, Maryland on May 6, Hillary Clinton indicated that we as a country needed to adopt tighter gun restrictions in an attempt to stave off economic inequality that is contributing greatly to social collapse. By shifting the argument away from the merits of gun control and towards the situation with the economy, she has essentially conceded the point and given her detractors all of the ammunition they need to beat her in future discussions and debates. Whether or not she realizes that she's done that is a subject that is up for debate.
It has long been expected that Hillary Clinton will seek the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016 and run for President of the United States. She would become the first female President in the country's history. Her chief opponent in that election was always projected to be New Jersey's governor Chris Christie, though that has recently changed after his administration has been rocked by scandal after scandal.
When discussing gun control, Hillary Clinton curiously stated that it was possible for a person to both argue that we as a country need to adopt significantly stricter gun control laws and to support the second amendment and gun ownership in general at the same time. She indicated that she was simply warning that unrestricted access to firearms of all types could have dangerous consequences for the population as a whole, as seen in recent firearm-related tragedies like the movie theater shooting at an opening day showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" and the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. Her critics have argued that by demanding increased gun control, the only thing she is really doing is proving that she doesn't understand the second amendment at all.