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Holistic Home Remedies You NEED To Use

Holistic Home Remedies You NEED To Use
By Maggie Park
Published April 6th, 2014

The following home remedies are truly ancient. They are based on Ayurveda, an Indian holistic medicine that dates back 5,000 years. The concept behind Ayurveda is that the body must remain in harmony with itself and the natural world. Here are some remedies gleaned from ancient Indian knowledge and holistic medicine that are definitely worth a try.
If you are prone to anxiety, you know that this ailment can wreak havoc in many parts of your body, including your back, your neck, and your intestinal tract. To prevent anxiety, try squeezing fresh orange juice and mixing this with raw honey and a tablespoon of nutmeg. Drink this tonic each morning and watch the stress melt away.
Take one tablespoon of castor oil before bed. Castor oil has been proven to have "capsaicin-like" properties that reduce inflammation. For more immediate relief, soak a cloth in castor oil and place it on the affected joint. Next, add some heat and allow the cloth to sooth the joint for up to 45 minutes.
In order to get your blood sugar under control, try one of these ancient cures. Mix one teaspoon of Indian gooseberry juice with one teaspoon of bitter melon juice and take this remedy twice each day. Or you may simply take two teaspoons of bitter melon juice each day on an empty stomach.
Indian gooseberry is very high in vitamin C, which promotes healthy pancreas functioning. Bitter melon, also called bitter gourd, encourages glucose metabolism throughout the body. In addition, this amazing fruit increases insulin sensitivity.
When food is more easily digested, you can sometimes avoid indigestion. A simple Ayurveda home remedy that addresses indigestion is to chew on some basil leaves for a few minutes. This action generates additional saliva, which aids in digestion.
Using a blender, combine four to five pitted dates with about eight ounces of warm milk and some cinnamon. Warm milk is commonly known to have properties that induce sleep, dates calm the nervous system, and cinnamon has properties that warm the body, making it ready for sleep.
Curing snoring is just as important is curing insomnia since snoring affects the sleep quality of both the snorer and his or her partner. Ayurveda offers two home remedies for this ailment. Either mix half a teaspoon of ground cardamom with four ounces of warm milk or mix 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder with a cup of warm milk. Drink the concoction just before bed.
Urinary Tract Infection
Mix three cups of water with 3 tablespoons of ground coriander and one tablespoon of unrefined sugar. Pour this mixture into an earthenware container and let it sit overnight. The next day, drink one cup of the mixture three times throughout the day.
Modern medicine can learn a lot from ancient wisdom. Therefore, give some of these home remedies a try before you reach for over-the-counter or prescription medications. You may be able to dramatically reduce your dependence on chemical cures.