Justin Bieber's MAJOR Downward Spiral

Justin Bieber's MAJOR Downward Spiral

By Eva Kurilova

Published April 3rd, 2014

Justin Bieber's MAJOR Downward Spiral

When Justin Bieber burst onto the music scene he was barely into his teens, but many people were already predicting his downfall. The pop star lived up to these expectations, and is currently facing felony charges. Just how did Bieber get to this point? Check out the timeline of events below.

The First Signs of Trouble

One of the first signs that Bieber was starting to shed his squeaky-clean pop star image came about midway through 2012. On July 6th, the singer was pulled over by California Highway Patrol officers after going over 100 mph on Ventura Freeway, where the speed limit was 55 mph.

Apart from a picture of the pop star smoking marijuana that surfaced in early 2013, Bieber managed to stay quiet until March. Then, on March 5th, he caused quite a stir in the headlines by showing up 2 hours late for a show in London, enraging fans and parents.

Only two days later, Bieber fainted on stage during another show and was taken to the hospital. Then, upon his release from the hospital the next day, he lunged out at and threatened the paparazzi.

Bieber's Antics Continue to Escalate

It's tough to blame someone for not wanting cameras in his face after leaving the hospital, but Bieber's display of temper turned out to be more than one isolated incident. On March 26th, the police were called to Bieber's neighborhood following an altercation with a neighbor. The neighbor accused Bieber of battery, but police did not make any arrests.

The pop star followed up this incident in July, when a bizarre video surfaced which showed him not only peeing in a bucket in a New York City restaurant kitchen, but also yelling at a picture of Bill Clinton. He apparently called the former president afterwards to apologize.

Finally, Bieber finished off 2013 by upsetting authorities in several more parts of the world, all in the exact same way. He spray-painted graffiti in Australia, Brazil, and Columbia, and claimed that he had no idea it was illegal.

2014 Brings Several New Brushes With the Law

As if 2013 wasn't enough, Bieber seems to have decided to take on 2014 with brand new gusto. On January 12th he reportedly caused ,000 worth of damages on a neighbor's home after what was described as a vicious egg attack. This lead to investigators searching Bieber's home and arresting his friend, a rapper named Xavier Smith, on a narcotics charge.

Bieber himself was arrested on January 23rd in Miami Beach after a night out with his friends and his father. He was charged with both a DUI and with resisting arrest. He had been drinking, and was found to have both prescription medication and marijuana in his system.

Finally, to round off the first month of 2014, Bieber turned himself in to Toronto police on January 30th, and was arrested for a second time that week. He had allegedly attacked a limo driver back in December of 2013, and now faces charges for criminal assault.