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Keeping It Together: Celebrity Marriages That Work

Keeping It Together: Celebrity Marriages That Work
By JA Young
Published April 7th, 2014

Big splits and messy celebrity divorces may make headlines, but these pairs have stood by their vows and kept it together.  After the glitzy weddings and luxurious honeymoons, these Hollywood couples appear to realize that happily ever after is possible when both people work at it, when both keep that commitment front and center.
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
Having hit that twenty-fifth anniversary milestone, it's safe to say that this couple knows how to make love last.  Last year the actor who is up for another Oscar for his role in Captain Phillips told Ellen DeGeneres that they only argue about who loves the other more!
Denzel and Pauletta Washington
Married since 1983 (the same year Madonna released her first album Madonna), the Oscar-winning actor and his wife have four children.  Denzel Washington as asserted that acting is just the way he earns his living, but "the family is life." Their long-time marriage is an inspiration.
Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach
The longest this pair has spent apart is five days.  Their commitment is an extraordinary one evidenced by their nearly thirty-three years as husband and wife.  Neither the demands of the music industry or Hollywood could daunt this pair from remaining true to their 'I dos."
Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson
Jackson, a box-office smash, and his lovely wife have been married for thirty-two years and are still going strong.  A few years back they began an organization together, a charity dedicated to the promotion of education.  Jackson may not always play a good guy in the movies, but--as his wife agrees--he's a great guy in real life!
Meryl Streep and Don Gummer
The celebrated actress and her sculptor husband married back in 1978.  Four children and many career milestones later, the pair asserts that a willingness to bend and negotiate has been the cornerstone of their relationship and husband and wife.
Bill and Camille Cosby
Many celebrity couples that keep their marriages intact have frequently said that a good sense of humor is part of the glue.  This may, indeed, be true for Bill Cosby and his beautiful wife who have celebrated forty-eight years together.  The couple treats one another as equals which has allowed them to support one another through both the good times and the tragic.
Christopher and Georgianne Walken
Christopher Walken and his wife are nearing their fifty year milestone.  The famous actor and his renowned casting director wife (she did the casting for "The Sopranos") are, apparently, just 'regular' people when they're together at home.  He surfs movie channels where they live in rural Connecticut.  She's cast more than 80 films so it's a safe bet she knew exactly who to cast as her husband!
These fabulous celebrity pairs have found their own paths to marital bliss.  It remains to be seen which newly married celebs will follow in their footsteps!