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Phil Jackson Named President Of The Knicks

Phil Jackson Named President Of The Knicks
By J. A. Young
Published June 9th, 2014

To Chicago, Los Angeles, and now New York--Phil Jackson has been named president of the New York Knicks. The announcement came at a Madison Square Garden press conference. Jackson signed a five-year contract that will see him receive $12 million annually. Jackson stated he is thrilled to be in New York City and looks forward to this new phase in his distinguished career.
With a record number of eleven NBA titles to his name, Jackson actually started his career in basketball as a Knicks forward. Jackson has made thirteen appearances at NBA finals, a testament to an illustrious career. According to the team owner, Jackson will have complete autonomy over the team and all questions related to basketball. Ironically, the New York Knicks have not won an NBA playoff since Jackson was with them back in 1973. His task is a considerable one, but if anyone can get the Knicks to the playoffs, it's Phil Jackson.
Jackson views his chance to preside over the Knicks as a great opportunity. He's brought victory wherever he seems to go. He's also not worried if he can't make a winning team out of the Knicks; he's got a lot of best practices to go on and believes he can make a difference for this team. He wants players to know that they have the support of their team and their coaches. Jackson led the Chicago Bulls to six titles and the Los Angeles Lakers to give. He clearly has a winning agenda.
Jackson has been away from coaching for three years and is ready to again embrace the challenges and responsibilities that come with building a winning team. Moreover, this is the first time that the Hall of Fame coach will have front office responsibilities to contend with. Yet Jackson is ideal for the job and the owner and general manager have promised him all the autonomy he'll need to create a culture for this upcoming Knicks team.
Fans, of course, are ecstatic as Jackson heads to New York. They expect more wins and also have the promise that tickets will remain priced as they are. The hope is that Jackson will bring an authentic change for the better to the organization and build a team that likes to play basketball with one another.
Now sporting experts are wondering who Jackson will pick to help coach the Knicks. Steve Mills will retain his post as general manager. Jackson's family resides in California as does his fiancée, the daughter of late Lakers owner Jerry Buss so he will be spending a reasonable amount of time there. His surgeries prevent him from coaching so this position should suit him well going forward.
For now, fans can look forward to Jackson's team-building methods as he works to create a culture that fosters balance and harmony. Basketball fans in general are also pleased to see Jackson back in the game. He brings a level of excitement with him wherever he goes and good things come of it.