SPINOFF Rumors Fly As "Psych" Ends Final Season

SPINOFF Rumors Fly As

By CJ McAllister

Published April 7th, 2014

SPINOFF Rumors Fly As

When the television seriesPsych premiered in 2006, it was just another cable network show with a limited fan base. Thanks to devilishly clever episodes that mocked everything from Clue and Friday the 13th to classic movie musicals, the show drastically increased its fan base, eventually becoming one of the top shows on cable. DespitePsych winning a People's Choice Award earlier this year, USA recently announced that this season would be the show's last, leading some to rampant speculation about the odds of a spinoff.

Psych's Final Season

Though the producers of Psych did not know that the current eighth season would be the show's last, they admitted that they had an idea. While the show once averaged more than four million viewers an episode, it dropped off in recent seasons to less than two million viewers per episode. Therefore, the producers wrote a finale that would function as both a season finale and a series finale in case the inevitable happened. Stars Dule Hill and James Roday released a video in early February to thank fans for tuning in and to talk about the end of the show.

Spinoff Rumors

Of course, it did not take long before rumors swirled of a potential spinoff to the series. One rumor surrounds a potential spinoff starring Timothy Omundson, who plays the stiff and by-the-books Detective Carlton Lassiter on the show. Others believe that the spinoff will star Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino. Sorvino joined the show earlier in the season to replace actress Maggie Lawson when she temporarily left to work on a show for ABC.

Though the producers and creators of the show remain mum on the topic, they did hint at a potential TV movie or a series of television films that follow the characters after the show ends. The series finale will air March 26, 2014, with a live special featuring the stars of the show airing immediately after. Fans hope that a more definitive answer to questions about the future of the series will be forthcoming then.