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Ten Therapeutic Benefits Of Water

Ten Therapeutic Benefits Of Water
By Judith Hayes
Published March 28th, 2014

Water, as we know, is a vital element, but it is therapeutic for us in so many ways.  Most people may know we need water to stay alive, but many not know about the many specific benefits water has for our bodies and minds.  The following ten benefits will show you just how essential H20 really is and how it can enhance our overall health.
Boost Metabolism
A cold glass of water is a great metabolism kick-start.  While drinking anything ice cold is going to force your body to burn calories when it brings that fluid down to body temperature, water enhances the digestive system and also keeps us full longer after we drink a glass or two between meals and, of course, with meals.
Muscle Energy
People often drink water while exercising in order to rehydrate--something most people realize we need to do.  However, water also benefits the muscles so we actually exercise or do any physical activity with better muscle functionality.
Ward Off Heart Attack
Studies have shown that drinking water right before you go to sleep at night can reduce the risk for heart attack or stroke.  Of course, adding extra water to your diet throughout the day may also ward off coronary artery disease.  They call water the 'stuff of life' with good reason!
Want Shiny Hair?
Water helps us from the inside, of course, but a cold-water rinse can benefit the outside too!  Hot water can strip our hair of its protective oils.  Be sure to rinse your hair in cool water to keep those oils intact.  You'll love your shiny and healthy-looking hair too!
Enhance Your Immune System
When you drink plenty of water, your body simply functions better including your immune system.  However, when you bathe in cold water or experience therapeutic cold water immersion, you can give your immunity a big boost.  This form of water therapy has been practiced for many centuries in different parts of the world.
Stress Reduction
There's a good reason many people crave a nice long bath after a tough day at work.  Taking a bath with Epsom salts can benefit your nervous system by reducing stress and anxiety levels.  Add some aromatherapy elements like a lavender candle and you'll feel the stress melt away in soothing relief!
Fight Fatigue
When you're feeling sluggish or overly tired and you aren't sure why, try drinking a glass or two of water.  Water is like natural energy fuel for your body.  It will have you revved up in no time and you'll love the way you feel.
Enhance Your Brain
Drinking water is a great way to enhance your brain power.  When you're optimally hydrated your brain is more alert.  Instead of reaching for something caffeinated before tackling a work project, chug a glass of water and you'll feel ten times better mentally for it!
Goodbye Germs
Water helps us rid ourselves of germs and bacteria from the inside and out.  Washing with soap and water, of course, gets rid of thousands of germs, but drinking plenty of water means that we're also flushing out the toxins from our body before they can cause harm.
Beautiful Skin
Drinking plenty of water can help your body keep skin looking smoother and better nourished.  Moreover, it can also ward away the bacteria that cause acne especially when you drink it with lemon.  The combination of water and acidity can support break-out free skin.