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Transform Your Lips Without Surgery

Transform Your Lips Without Surgery
By Susan M. Keenan
Published March 27th, 2014

An increasing number of celebs are using plastic surgery to plump up their lips, but the results can be disastrous. Even if all goes well, the procedure is expensive and the results may not last forever. Fortunately, surgery is not the only way to achieve a fuller pout. Try these three strange tips to get the sensuous, sexy lips you have always dreamed of having.
Exfoliate every day
You exfoliate your skin, but many people forget to pay the same care and attention to your lips. Sloughing off dead skin improves the texture of your lips, and also improves blood flow, which helps your lips to plump up. Rub your lips gently with a dry toothbrush each morning as part of your normal beauty regime.
Make your own natural lip plumper
Chemical lip plumpers can cause irritation and be a drain on your makeup budget. You can make your own lip plumper using natural oils, which will help your lips to look fuller and sexier for a couple of hours after each application.
Cinnamon oil is the best natural ingredient for a homemade lip plumper. This amazing spice stimulates blood vessels in the lips, causing more blood to race into them. Your lips will look bigger, redder, and more kissable than ever! Simply add a few drops of cinnamon oil to some Vaseline to create your own plumping lib balm.
Work out your lips
It sounds crazy, but the way you use the muscles of your face can actually make a difference to the way your lips look. One of the best ways to build up the muscles in the lips is to whistle. You'll need to keep practicing every day if you want to see noticeable results, so why not get started now? Pick your favorite melody, then pucker up and blow!