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Wal-Mart Expands Video GAMES Trade-In Program

Wal-Mart Expands Video GAMES Trade-In Program
By Susan M. Keenan
Published June 9th, 2014

As the economy continues to remain sluggish, many consumers are struggling to make ends meet. Disposal cash is a thing of the past for many people as daily living expenses, mortgages, and car loans continue to claim the largest percentage of people's weekly income. On top of those expenses, many consumers now have to foot the bill for OBAMACARE. Even if people drop their cell phone coverage to pay for the enormous expense of health insurance, the likelihood that they are also going to stop gaming simply doesn't seem realistic.
Why Wal-Mart Decided to Expand Its Video Games Trade-In Program
Representatives at Wal-Mart have suggested that the company's plan to expand their video games trade-in program is due in part to their concern over low revenue numbers. Overall sales have consistently dropped by two-digit percentages, causing the company to stagnate rather than grow. With low-to-moderate income customers struggling to find disposable cash as nearly every commodity they buy continues to see huge price increases, this retail giant continues to lose business. The company would like to find new business opportunities, and the used video game sector promises good things by way of bringing new customers into the store.
How Wal-Mart's Video Games Trade-In Program Works
Gamers can turn in used video games in the store or online. In exchange, they will receive store credits that are good in Wal-Mart for any merchandise. The credits can also be used in Sam's Club stores.
What Happens with the Trade-ins?
This retailer already offers new video games as part of its store inventory. Setting up shop to sell refurbished games will simply be an extension of tapping into the gaming market. Pre-owned game sales continues to be an important part of the gaming market, particularly since it brings affordable gaming to those customers who could not otherwise afford to purchase games.
How Many Credits?
The number of store credits that a trade-in earns is going to vary according to the titles of the games. The value also depends on the age of the game and the console that is needed to play it. The store-credit value could be as low as a couple of dollars or as high as thirty or forty dollars.
Will the Store Credits Go Toward the Purchase of Used Games?
Since the store credits can be used for anything, it is expected that at least some of the trade-in credits will go to things like groceries or clothing. Of course, customers can use their credits to purchase anything they want.
What Are the Refurbished Games Going to Have for Price Stickers?
The pricing for used games will vary. The actual price that is attached to a used game will depend on its age, title, and the gaming console needed to play the game. Of course, changes in these values can be made at the store's discretion.
Who Is Running Wal-Mart's Video Games Trade-In Program?
CE Exchange is going to handle the video game program. Currently, this company is working on Wal-Mart's tablet and smartphone trade-in programs.