Doctors Have Warning For Anyone Who Wears Sandals

Published July 2, 2019

There are people who wear flip-flops every day. They are easy to slip on and off the feet, and they go with just about every outfit as there are several colors and styles available. While the shoes might be practical for men, women, and children, there are a few warnings that doctors are now issuing to people who wear them on a regular basis.

When you wear flip-flops, you know that they don't offer a lot of protection to the feet. This allows for a greater risk of stubbing the toes or getting cuts on the feet if the tip of the shoe bends. Flip-flops also make it easy to trip, which would make it easier to strain or sprain the ankles.

While wearing the shoes, you might have severe pain in the heels of the feet and in the ankles simply because there is no support available. You could also experience stress fractures in the bones of the feet and splits in the shins from putting so much pressure on the feet while wearing the shoes.

Pain in the arches of the feet can also be seen when you wear flip-flops on a daily basis as the arches will often adhere to the shape of the shoe.