What Happens To Your Body Just 10 Minutes After Burning A Bay Leaf In Your Home

Published February 20, 2019

If you enjoy pleasing scents in the home, then you probably burn a candle or wax melts. Another option is to burn a bay leaf. This is a leaf that will give off a soothing quality in the air. When you smell the scent of the leaf, you will notice that it has a relaxing quality, ideal after a stressful day.

The white bay leaf is often used in many cuisines. Some of the Romans and Greeks would use the leaves for their healing properties. The leaves can help with inflammation, and they have a calming effect on the mind. Some have discovered that the leaves can help those who suffer from epilepsy.

There are essential oils in the leaves that smell like eucalyptus. These oils will open the respiratory passages, allowing you to breathe easier. This can help you sleep better at night while giving you the relaxation that you need. It's a quality that can help those who snore as well.

Bay leaves can also help with lowering the cholesterol. If the stress levels are lower, then the blood pressure can be lowered in the process, which is another benefit of the leaves. Blood sugar levels can also be regulated as some people tend to eat more if they are not relaxed.

These benefits are received if the essence of the leaf is added to food. However, don't consume the entire leaf as it can make you sick.