Reasons Americans Should Continue to Protect Their Gun Rights In the wake of the seemingly endless occurrence of gun violence in America today, President Barack Obama continues to push for gun control reforms in the United States. However, reforming gun control laws in the US is a thorny subject with roots that go as... Read More
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Public Wanting Answers Following Bergdahl Exchange When President Barack Obama and his administration sought to bring Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl (the last prisoner of war in Afghanistan) back home to the United States, they believed that the American public would rally behind the decision under the ideal of "leave no man behind."... Read More
Pro-Gay National Cathedral Features Sermon by TRANSGENDERED Priest On June 22, the Reverend Cameron Partridge, a transgendered Episcopal priest, will offer the sermon at the Washington National Cathedral. The same service will also feature the Right Rev. Gene Robinson, the nation's first openly gay priest.   According to the dean of the cathedral, the... Read More
Prisoner SWAP - U.S. Now Negotiates with Terrorists In what many military experts and politicians are calling a dangerous precedent, the United States recently released five of the most dangerous Taliban prisoners held at the prison in Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier who had been taken... Read More
Pride Flag Flies over US Embassy in Israel America has long been home to freedom and the right to practice various beliefs. During President Obama's time in office, American society has become increasingly polarized on a number of issues. The issue of gay rights, specifically gay marriage, has been hotly debated for a... Read More
President Obama Turns Military Bases into Hotels for Illegals The immigration policy of the United States has been a hotly debated topic for the majority of the 21st  century. When President Obama came into office following the 2008 election, one of his primary objectives was to overhaul US immigration policy. Apparently that policy consists... Read More
Pope Francis Addresses Child Labor Very recently, on Wednesday, June 11, Pope Francis addressed the worldwide issue of child labor while speaking out over St. Peter's Square. This was fitting, as the following day was the World Day Against Child Labor. Francis pleaded on behalf of the "tens of thousands of... Read More
Poor Clinton: Hillary Proclaims Family was Dead Broke The title of a President of the United States of America comes with a lot of privileges. On the taxpayer's dime, the president lives in a massive mansion, flies across the country and around the world in a private jumbo jet, and advances American initiatives... Read More
Phoenix VA Patients Die, Administration Gets $10M in Bonuses The Phoenix, Arizona Veterans Administration is under new criticism following the revelation that administrators doled out some $10 million in bonuses despite the maintenance of "secret" out-of-system lists that misrepresented patient wait times.   According to VA records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, the... Read More
"Partly Secret" Terror Trials in the UK? The UK nearly set what some may consider a dangerous precedent a few weeks ago, when Justice Nicol ruled that an impending terrorism trial could be held entirely in secret, and that the names of the accused would not have to be released to the... Read More