5 Cruise Tips Even Experienced Cruisers Don't Know Cruising is a great way to spend a vacation. It’s stress-free, there’s lots of food and drink, you go to exotic places, and you can do what you want. Want to be active? There’s plenty to do. Want to... Read More
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Here's The Simple Reason The Economy Will Never Get Better The economy has long been an issue that politicians like to discuss. And it usually revolves around the middle and lower classes, and takes the form of “how can we expand and strengthen the middle class”. The simple fact is we can’... Read More
The Ebola Epidemic: Is It Spreading? News organizations have been releasing worrisome reports about Liberia's Ebola outbreak, an epidemic that has claimed more than 1,200 lives and many others are even now fighting for their lives against this deadly illness. Regarded as one of the largest Ebola outbreaks in history, the 2014 epidemic... Read More
6 Things That Will Get You Fired Most employees have an over-inflated opinion of their own work and work ethic. Rare is the person who would admit to slacking, yet if you look around your workplace, you are surrounded by people who can barely make drinkable coffee, nevermind do the job at... Read More
Your Fantasy Wedding... and the Price You Pay Every year, million upon millions of young couples get married. And for many of those couples, an expensive wedding is part of the deal.  And for those couples who don’t have parents who are footing the bill, that day often turns into... Read More
Yes, parents are killing their kids, and they're getting away with it Perhaps you’ve seen it – the youtube public service announcement of the 30-something 300lb heart attack victim whose life flashes before his eyes. A life of overeating. Fast foods. Sweets. Treats. Sugar Cereals… and many of the flashbacks are from childhood, and... Read More
Obama and Russia - What We Need is A Little Bit of The Gipper Many of my conservative friends are mad at Obama. That’s nothing new – they are always mad at him. But this time, they are angry at him for his handling of Russia, particularly the ongoing unrest in the Ukraine.  These people see... Read More
The Secret to Booking a Cruise at a Deep Discount As you well know, a cruise ship is a gigantic floating hotel. In fact, modern cruise lines are building their ships bigger and better than ever, with sumptuous staterooms, pulsating nightlife, and even waterslides onboard. As a result, cruises are costlier than ever. Well, for... Read More
Reasons Americans Should Continue to Protect Their Gun Rights In the wake of the seemingly endless occurrence of gun violence in America today, President Barack Obama continues to push for gun control reforms in the United States. However, reforming gun control laws in the US is a thorny subject with roots that go as... Read More
Public Wanting Answers Following Bergdahl Exchange When President Barack Obama and his administration sought to bring Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl (the last prisoner of war in Afghanistan) back home to the United States, they believed that the American public would rally behind the decision under the ideal of "leave no man behind."... Read More